All Developmental Domains Enhanced Through Outdoor Classroom Play

All developmental Domains Enhanced through Outdoor Classroom Play

          One of the great things that is involved with having an outdoor classroom is that the learning areas and developmental domains are all intertwined, where as in a classroom everything they are spilt up into different classes or subjects. In one learning experience in an outdoor classroom it can involve math, science, and creative arts, gross and fine motor, language, social and emotional etc.

Recently I have been collecting and organizing articles, blogs, pictures and different resources on Pinterest and dividing them into the different learning areas to better support individuals that are looking for ideas and resources about outdoor classrooms. I would encourage you to visit my Pinterest account at Within each board you will find activities and resource that are specific to that learning area. For more information about a particular pin just click on the picture which will lead you to the original source. In addition to this you may also be interested in visiting my Twitter account where you will find other resources available about outdoor classrooms.

Whether it’s social, emotional, physical, language or cognitive it is certain that children involved in an outdoor classroom are exploring learning experiences that are enhancing and strengthening each domain. Our job as the children’s more knowledgeable other just need to provide them with the space, time, and materials needed to create these types of opportunities.


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